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China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance

Global Aquaculture Summit Agenda 2016

Facing the decline of global fishing resources, the role of aquaculture is much significant to satisfy enhanced requirement to qualified protein of increasing population. China as the biggest seafood producing country, its research on aquaculture makes huge influence to sustainable development of global fisheries. As well, the model impact of China on advanced ideal and technology processing has been treated preciously by main producing areas in Asia-Pacific. Based on the situation of China, Global Aquaculture Summit will contribute to create development chances for aquaculture with global perspective.

Global Aquaculture Summit
May. 25, 2016
Venue: Juntai Hotel Xiamen China
China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA)

◆ Review the Situation of Aquaculture
Current Situation of Global Aquaculture
Current Situation of China Aquaculture
Experience Sharing of International Main Producing Areas
◆ Development Trend of Aquatic Technology
Innovation and Distraction of Aquatic Feed
Advanced Process of Cultural Pattern
Expand of Sustainable Aquaculture
◆ Countermeasure of Aquaculture Dilemma
Export Dilemma of Processed Aquatic Products
Establishment of Brand and Market Confidence
Extension of New Cultural Species and Farming Areas

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