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Agenda of The 7th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum
  2015.5.27-28 Juntai Hotel, Xiamen  





26th May

Registration  10:00-20:00

27th May Morning

Opening Ceremony  9:00-9:20

Keynote 1Global Development Situation and Space of Shrimp Industry  9:20-11:40

  1. New Thinking of Shrimp Aquaculture Technology

He Jianguo, Chief Scientist of Modern Shrimp–industry Technology Research System, president of school of marine science, Sun Yat-Sen University

  1. Producing and Trading Situation of Shrimp Industry in China

Cui He, Executive Vice President of CAPPMA

  1. Global Trend of Shrimp Producing and Consumption

Tipparat Pongthanapanich, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Food and Agriculture of the United Nations (FAO)

  1. Updated Research on Shrimp EMS/AHPND

Kallaya Sritunyalucksana, Principal Researcher and Head of Shrimp-Virus interaction laboratory (ASVI) of National Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Pathumthani, Thailand

  1. From Art to Science: Maturation of the Shrimp Farming Industry in Asia

Shaun M. Moss,Executive Director of Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University

Discussion 11:40-12:10

27th May Afternoon

Keynote 1Global Development Situation and Space of Shrimp Industry  14:00-17:10

  1. Ecuadorean Shrimp Industry Outlook and Communication Activities

José Antonio Camposano C,Executive President of the National Chamber of Aquaculture, Ecuador

  1. The Application of Blue Economy for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture in Increasingly Crowded and Warming World

Rokhmin Dahuri,President of Indonesia Aquaculture Association

  1. Production and Trade Situation of Shrimp Industry in India

T G Manoj Kumar, Assistant Director of Marine Products Export Development Authority, India

  1. From the View of Market Analysis the Global Shrimp Production

Carson Roper, International Business Development Manager of GAA

  1. Microorganisms Control in Shrimp Diseases

Huang Jie, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) 

  1. Biotechnology Development Trend of Shrimp Aquaculture Industry

National Taiwan Ocean University

Discussion 17:10-18:00

28th May Morning

Keynote 2A New Concept of Industrial Development 9:00-11:20

  1. The Current Situation and Future Trends of Fry Breeding in China

Chen Xiaohan,Deputy Director of Guangxi Fisheries Research Institute

  1. The New Methods of Retain Freshness of Shrimp and the Use of Byproducts for Preparation of High Activity Protease

Cao Minjie,Jimei University

  1. Study on the Safety Standards of Shrimp Products Quality

Wang Lianzhu,Researcher of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS)
Zhu Wenjia,Research Assistant of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS)

  1. Health Management of Water in Shrimp Aquaculture

Guangdong Ocean University

  1. Introduction of Aquaculture Trends and Models of Rudong, Jiangsu Province 

Rudong Marine and Fishery Bureau

  1. The Development Trend of Frozen Seafood Packaging

Fu Jingyuan,leading officer in China, MeadWestvaco (China) Holding Co., Ltd.

  1. Current Situation and Development Trend of Shrimp Feed Industry

Zhang Haitao,Director of Special Aquatic Feed Research Institute, Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry Co., Ltd.

Discussion 11:20-12:00

The agenda above might be adjusted.

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