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China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance

The 12th International Tilapia Industry Development Forum
  Huasha Hotel Guangzhou China  



Register:14:00-20:00, 2nd December

Meeting Time:Whole Day of 3th December

Keynote speech:Development Situation of Tilapia Industry Globally


   The opening ceremony


—2015 Chinese Tilapia Industry Crisis and Enlightenment
—New development of Tilapia Producing
—Aquatic Products Producing and Marketing in EU market
—Chinese Tilapia Brand Opportunity and Market Prospective
—Advanced Technology of Tilapia Processing


Interactive Discussion


Lunch Buffet

Sessions 1:Considerations from Chinese Tilapia Industry under Crisis


—Contradiction Solving of Tilapia Producing and Marketing
—Issues in front of Tilapia Exporting Trade
—Influence of Feed to Tilapia Industry
—Potential of Chinese Domestic Market for Tilapia
—Market Prospective and Case Study of Sustainable Seafood
—Standard Construction of Seafood Cold Chain
—Seafood Brand and New Ideal


Interactive Discussion


Dinner Buffet

Morning of 4th, visit to supermarket and wet market for fish trading


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