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China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance

Industrial Self-discipline



◆To make analysis on key issues in major seafood species development, to forward the industrial developing strategy and to give warning for industrial crisis, in order to lead sustainable and healthy development of industry.

◆To promote multiform cooperation and to coordinate enterprises in solving problems on management, technical cooperation and competition.

◆To formulate industrial self-discipline measures, in order to guide industrial healthy development and to defend fair trade.

◆To encourage member companies to implement domestic and international certifications, by that promoting the establishment of whole chain traceability system of aquatic products.

◆To hold annual industry development forum for different species combining issues and difficulty in industry.

Report on petition to promote industrial self-discipline

◆In order to build up self-discipline system of tilapia industry, regulate the industrial participants’ behaviors and guarantee a sustainable and healthy development, Tilapia enterprises self-discipline on processing and exporting convention and export coordinative price management method have been formulated. Tilapia exporting self-discipline price negotiating meeting was held in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. Enterprises were organized to sign in the ceremony.

◆Shark Industry Self-discipline

To formulate the comparison list between commercial names, popular names, Chinese, English and Latin names for standardize management by investigating the shark (and manta ray) products in domestic market.


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