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China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance

Standards Formulation  



◆To assist the relevant departments in formulating aquatic products state standards and industrial standards.

◆Based on market demand to formulate profession association standards.

◆To drive the launch of declaration of additive on Aquatic Products

Relative work on Standard working out

Consistently perfect the aquatic products standard system in perspective of the present industrial reality

◇Getting involvement of formulating and revising the relative standards on aquatic products with ministries and commissions

◇Significant achievements have been made in expanding the food additive range and amount of application.

◇Reporting on the industrial petition and coordinating the contradiction between index and inspection method and industrial development.

◆Devoted to formulating and revising international standard, as well as its introduction and promotion in line with international trade,

◆Gathering and following international standard, getting involvement of CAC standard formulating and revising to have more right of speech in international community by providing industrial materials.

◇Great importance will be attached to the introduction and promotion of international standards like MSC, ASC, BAP and so on to make the aquatic products international trade stable.

◆Complying with the demand of deepening standardizing reform, great achievements have been made in constructing the group standard system.

◇Group standard management methods of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance has been finished and passed by Member Congress. The first group standard Scale Collagen Peptide Powder has been reviewed and released. The relative projects are under discussion and will be formulated and released soon.

◆Strengthened standard publicizing, implementing and training.

Conducting training on relative national and industrial standard about the important categories covering Sea Cucumber, Shrimp, Tilapia and frozen surimi as well as its products for promoting aquatic products standardizing production and improving food quality and safety which gains reputation from industrial participants.

◇Reinforce industrial self-discipline to promote standard implementation. Great achievements have been made in publicizing and implementing frozen cooked prawn standard.

◇Releasing Responsible Seafood Purchasing Guidelines to implement the three products and one geographical indication lead by Ministry of Agriculture.


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